About us

We are official distributors of Spectrum Pharma in Europe and USA.

Spectrum Pharma — European manufacturer of high-level, with an impeccable reputation. In the market of pharmacology in 2014. In 2017, the manufacturer has undergone a rebranding and redesign their products.

Number of drugs is increasing rapidly, the product range is impressive. Spectrum Pharma produces a large number of specific drugs that are quite difficult to find in the pharmacy market.

There are all the necessary measures to protect against counterfeiting: verification codes, holograms, serial numbers, a box without opening the possibility of unnoticed! In each box there is instruction.

Assess the level of production, you can look into «section Factory (manufacturing) » on our website and watch the video and photo production.

We are a wholesale distributor, we ship worldwide. Minimum order we have is $ 5,000, with the price you can find by clicking on the link « Prices «.

To evaluate the appearance of the product, you can follow the link « Products «.

Please contact listed on the site and we answer all your questions. Prompt where to buy our products at retail in Europe, USA and all over the world.

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